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Violet Unda mulaku Seeds | Chilli Seeds

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Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet 30
Common Name chilli pepper, Violet Unda Mulaku, Mali mulaku
Height 0.5 to 1.0 metre
Bloom Time Year-round
Difficulty Level Easy

Planting And Care

  • Chilli plants should be fairly easy to care for
  • They need to be protected from frost and will do best in a sunny spot out of any cold winds or draughts
  • A South or East facing windowsill or sheltered patio is ideal Chilli plants should be kept in a small pot
  • They really don t like being over potted and will suffer from placing in too large a pot too quickly
  • Most of our chilli plants shouldn't need repotting in their first year, however, if you are struggling to keep up with the watering or if your plants are 3 or more times the size of it spot then you can re-pot
  • Just choose a pot that is only 2 or 3 cm bigger in diameter and use a good general purpose compost with some drainage
  • Chilli plants love sunshine, the more sunlight your plant can get on fruit, the hotter the fruit will become
  • Chilli plants are greedy feeders and will benefit from feeding in the growing season.