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Cosmos Yellow Flower Seeds

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Cosmos is fast growing an annual Flowering plant. The seed packet contains 25 seeds.

Cosmos plant is a heat-loving annual plant. The flowerheads maybe a bowl or open cup-shaped and sit atop long stems. Pinch off spent flowers to encourage continuous bloom. Pinching stem tips can reduce the height and encourage branching.

Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet 25
Common Name Cosmos, Showy Flower
Height Up to 3 ft
Flower Colour Yellow
Bloom Time Summer, fall
Difficulty Level Easy to grow.

Planting And Care

  • Watering should be done when the soil feels dry
  • Prolong flower occurs when the dead flowers are removed
  • Avoid frost condition

Cosmos Yellow Care

  • Sow seeds as an indoors plant four to five weeks before the last spring
Sunlight Full sun
Watering Moderate
Soil Loamy Soil.
Temperature 25 to 30 degree C
Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer.
Harvest Season Start to blossom

Cosmos Yellow Special Feature

Birds, butterflies are attacked on cosmos flower.