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Gaillardia Double Mixed Colour Flower Seeds | Blanket flower - Mini's Lifestyle Store- Buy Seeds in India
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Gaillardia Double Mixed Colour Flower Seeds | Blanket flower

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Blanket flower (Gaillardia x Grandiflora) is a great choice for a perennial with a long season of bloom. Seed Packet contains 35 seeds.

Blanket flowers are wonderfully cheerful, long-blooming plants for hot, sunny gardens. They produce single or double daisy flowers through most of the summer and well into fall.

The daisy-like flowers are produced from early summer to early fall in shades of orange, red and yellow, adding sizzle to the garden and attracting nectar-seeking butterflies.

Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet 50
Common Name Blanket Flower.
Height 24-30 inches.
Flower Colour varies
Bloom Time Early summer to early fall.
Difficulty Level Easy to grow.

Planting And Care

  • Plant it away from the direct rain.
  • Only Moderate watering is enough for Gaillardia
  • Gaillardia x Grandiflora does not require deadheading to keep blooming, but the plants will look better and be fuller if you do cut the stems back when the flowers start to fade
  • You will also get more continuous flowering with deadheading

Gaillardia Double Mixed Color Care

  • Plant Gaillardia x Grandiflora any time after frost
  • Dig a hole twice the diameter of the pot the plant is in
  • Carefully remove the plant from its container and place it in the hole so the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface
  • Carefully fill in around the root ball and firm the soil gently
  • Water thoroughly
Sunlight Full sun.
Watering Water well until they are not established. Once established, occasional watering should become a part of blanket flowers care.
Soil a well-draining soil with moderately fertile.
Temperature Gaillardia can be grown with temperatures of 65-70 F.
Fertilizer Apply an all-purpose slow-release fertilizer on the soil every couple of months.
Harvest Season Early summer to early fall.

Gaillardia Double Mixed Color Special Feature

Gaillardia is a short-lived perennial with richly coloured, daisylike flowers. Gaillardia blossoms attract bees and butterflies, and the plants will bloom for eight weeks or more when old flowers are removed.

Gaillardia Double Mixed Color Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • Gaillardia are such long bloomers, they work equally well in borders and containers
  • The bold flowers blend especially well with soft textures, like thread-leaf Coreopsis and cosmos, as well as airy grasses