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Kumbalam Vegetable Seeds | Wax Gourd ( Thadiyankai )

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Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet 16


  •  2 part garden Soil & 1 part any Organic Manure or 1 part garden soil, 1 part Coco Peat & 1 part Vermicompost can be used as a growth medium
  • Add good quality organic manure in the soil with 2:1 ratio before sowing seeds. Organic manure can be well rotten cow dung manure, farmyard manure, Compost or Vermicompost
  • Within first 6-8 days your ash gourd seeds will germinate and you will notice tiny sprouts growing
  • Ash gourd requires proper sunlight to grow well. Keep your Ash Gourd container under open sunlight
  • Water the plant every day in summers using a watering can for a shower like a drizzle
  • You can harvest ripe Ash gourd fruits after 3 months of seed sowing. Harvesting season can continue for next 3 months
  • Check for early signs of any insect/fungal/ any other infections. If you notice any such symptoms, spray your plant with appropriate medicines

Germination may take place 15-18 Days
Dispatch in 5-8 days
Country of origin: India