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Nei Kumbalam Vegetable Seeds | Ash Gourd

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Ash Gourd, also known as Winter Melon, Was Gourd or White Pumpkin is a large fruit rich in rich in vitamin C, B1 and B3. One of the most alkaline vegetables in the Indian subcontinent, it is also the most undervalued. The Ash Gourd contains almost 93% water and is very low on calories and fats but is loaded with fibre!

Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet 16


  •  2 part garden Soil & 1 part any Organic Manure or 1 part garden soil, 1 part Coco Peat & 1 part Vermicompost can be used as a growth medium
  • Add good quality organic manure in the soil with 2:1 ratio before sowing seeds. Organic manure can be well rotten cow dung manure, farmyard manure, Compost or Vermicompost
  • Within first 6-8 days your ash gourd seeds will germinate and you will notice tiny sprouts growing
  • Ash gourd requires proper sunlight to grow well. Keep your Ash Gourd container under open sunlight
  • Water the plant every day in summers using a watering can for a shower like a drizzle
  • You can harvest ripe Ash gourd fruits after 3 months of seed sowing. Harvesting season can continue for next 3 months
  • Check for early signs of any insect/fungal/ any other infections. If you notice any such symptoms, spray your plant with appropriate medicines

Germination may take place 15-18 Days
Dispatch in 5-8 days
Country of origin: India