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Paloor Padavalam Seeds | Snake Gourd

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Snake gourd can easily grow in containers. Snake Gourd grows well in Tropical Countries. Snake gourd fruits are white or greenish-white in colour and long round .

Seeds Specifications

Common Name Snake gourd, Padwal, Pudalagai Kootu

Up to 30 ft

No. of Seeds 
Bloom Time Summer, Rainy season, Winter
Difficulty Level Easy to grow
Length of Fruit 4 Feet 
Color  White

Planting And Care

  • Water should be done before soil feels dry
  • Snake gourd can also be grown in containers around 5-gallon size
  • Containers must have good drainage and cant be moved once the vines attach tendrils to other objects
  • Snake gourd can survives in frost condition

How to Plant

Sunlight Full Sun
Watering Moderately
Soil Well-drained loamy soil with 6 to 7.5 pH level
Temperature 25 to 30 degree C
Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer.
Harvest Season Summer, Rainy season, Winter