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Red Custard Apple Fruit Seeds - Mini's Lifestyle Store- Buy Seeds in India
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Red Custard Apple Fruit Seeds

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Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet 8
Common Name Sugar Apple, Red Custard apple, Sita Phal, Sharifa
Height 20 to 30 feet
Flower Colour Yellow-green on the outside and pale-yellow inside
Bloom Time Summer, Spring
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting And Care

  • Red Custard apple is normally fairly low maintenance and quite easy to grow, as long as a level of basic care is provided throughout the year
  • Growing sugar apple tree requires weed management
  • the Red Custard apple is susceptible to wind damage
  • Therefore, it should be planted in a location that is sheltered from the wind

Annona Squamosa Sharifa Care

  • Seed propagation is the traditional method, through which the sugar apple tree is grown
  • Seed should be planted horizontally, 2 -3 cm deep at a distance of 1
  • 5 cm in a good quality seed mix
  • Generally, the germination occurs within 30 days
  • Although, its germination rate is low and time is slow due to the tough seed coating
  • Plant spacing is 5 X 5 m
  • The plantation is done in the rainy season
Sunlight Full sun to part shade
Watering Medium
Soil Rich, evenly moist but well-drained soil
Temperature 25 to 41 degrees C
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer
Harvest Season Summer, Spring