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Red Passion Fruit Seeds

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Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet 25
Common Name Red Passion Fruit 
Height Up to 30 feet
Flower Colour Greenish Yellow
Bloom Time All year round (Varies according to climate and other basic things)
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

What Do Passionfruits Like And Dislike?

Like all fast-growing plants, passionfruit needs a lot of nutrients. That lush green foliage has to come from somewhere, it can not materialise out of anything. So passionfruit vines need fertile soils, probably additional fertiliser, and they appreciate all the compost and mulch you can spare.

They also need full sun, a warm climate, and protection from wind. A sunny, sheltered site in a frost-free climate is ideal. There are some purple varieties that can handle the odd very light frost. And sometimes, even though the top of a vine is killed by frost, the roots reshoot. However, the warmer the climate, the easier it is to grow passionfruit.

Passionfruit need something to climb over. A fence, a water tank, a trellis, anything will do. Watch where you plant them because they will be up in the crown of a nearby tree before you know...

Passionfruit plants have a vulnerable root system. A healthy soil, teeming with worms and microbes and lots of organic matter is your best bet. If your soil is poor you will get problems with wilt diseases, root rot and nematodes. Heavy clay soils also cause problems with root diseases.

Watering: The root system of a passionfruit vine is small for the size of the plant it has to sustain. Especially while a passionfruit is fruiting it needs a lot of water. It needs a very regular water supply at all times.
However, passionfruit can't handle waterlogged soil. Make sure your site is free draining.