Swiss Chard Red Seeds
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Swiss Chard Red Seeds

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Swiss Chard Red is a popular leafy vegetable that is actually a beet but is grown specifically for its edible stems and leaves. This variety has broad, bronze-green leaves that are crunchy, and wrinkled, and the stems are thick and firm. Chard stalks are available in different colors but this variety has crimson-red color stalks.

Soil – To plant Swiss chard, use well-draining, loamy, and good-quality soil that contains organic matter.

Water – Red Swiss chard water requirements are normal; water regularly at the base of the plant during dry climates and avoid wetting the leaves.

Sunlight – Swiss chard needs full direct sunlight but also Swiss chard grows in partial shade.

Temperature – Swiss chard grows healthy in moderate temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold; the minimum temperature for growing Swiss chard is 10 °C and the maximum is 30 °C.