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Valari Payar White Seeds | Sword Beans

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Valari Payar or Sword Beans is a perennial, fast-growing, heavily producing, climbing legume. It is widely cultivated in the humid tropics of Southeast Asia, but remains a minor vegetable elsewhere. Plants can reach 10 m in length with a deep, penetrating root system. Leaves are trifoliate, similar to other legumes, with white, butterfly-like flowers also similar to other legumes. Mature pods reach 40 cm in length.

No. of Seeds : 3


Young green pods and seeds are eaten sparingly as a cooked vegetable, though C. gladiata is most useful as a green manure cover crop. Since it is a vining plant, C. gladiata is usually grown along buildings or other structures. Immature vines and seeds, rich in protein and starch, can be fed to livestock in limited amounts; the level of toxicity increases with maturity of the plant.

  • Elevation – up to 1500 m
  • Rainfall – 600-2600 mm
  • Soil Types – low quality, pH 4.3-7.5, tolerates some salinity and waterlogging     
  • Temperature Range – 12-36º C
  • Day Length Sensitivity – requires day lengths less than 12 hours to flower
  • Light – prefers full sun

Preferred environmental conditions are found in the humid lowlands, but these beans may be grown with success in elevations to 1500 m.

Seeds should be planted 5-7.5 cm deep, 45-60-cm in-row spacing, and 75-100 cm between-row to allow for spreading habit. Best growth occurs with trellis support.


Sword Beans are fast-growing. Young pods are available for harvest 3-4 months after planting before pod swelling occurs. Mature seeds take 5-10 months to mature and the pods will break open, scattering the seeds when fully mature. The dried seeds store well as they are not attractive to insects.