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Wandering Jew Green Plant with Pot WP06

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Wandering jew is a colourful indoor plant, known for its striking appearance. It features heart-shaped leaves in beautiful shades of purple, green, and silver. This houseplant blooms small white and violet flowers.

Botanical Name: Tradescantia Zebrina

Other Names: Wandering Jew Plant, Inch Plant, Flowering Inch Plant

Growing Season: Throughout the year

Ideal Temperature: 15-30°C

Uses: Grow them in hanging planters and add colour to your balcony.

Difficulty Level: Easy

How to Grow – Quick View

  • Sandy loam soil
  • 4-5 hours of sun
  • Water only when the soil feels dry on touch
  • Use all-purpose fertilizer

What to Do After Getting the Package?

  • Take a knife and carefully cut the tape to unbox the live plant.
  • Gently remove the plant from the package.
  • Place the plant where it can receive bright, indirect sunlight regularly.

How to Care for Wandering Jew Plant?

Sunlight: Bright, indirect sunlight is perfect for growing the Wandering Jew plant. Plant it near the south-facing window and balcony to keep the indoor plant happy.

Watering: Wandering Jew doesn’t need a lot of watering, provide moderate watering to keep the soil moist.

Soil: Sandy-loam soil is an ideal growing medium for the Wandering Jew plant. You can also use a potting mix for this houseplant.

Fertilizer: Use an all-purpose fertilizer twice a month to provide sufficient nutrients to the plant and encourage growth.