What is Onam Krishi Challenge ?

Krishi tips

We are on a mission to grow 50,000 Kitchen Gardens. Are you in with us ?

Here is an opportunity for all of you to join hand with us on this mission and win exciting Prizes . 

Register For Onam Krishi Challenge:



Things to do?

1. Registered yourself for Krishi Challenge on the above link

2. Share the video to your friends & family to join in hand with us on this mission.

3. Setup a good Kitchen Garden

4. Set it up Neatly, Let your garden inspire others

5. Make a video of 1-2 minutes max

5. Upload it on youtube with hashtag #Onamkrishichallenge & #ML"Districtcode"

   District code mentioned below eg. for Kollam #MLKL02

6. Tag us @minislifestyle

7: Upload the video on youtube by 30th Sep 2021

District Name  District code 
Trivandrum KL01
Kollam  KL02
Pathanamthitta KL03
Alappuzha KL04
Kottayam KL05
Idukki KL06
Ernakulam KL07
Thrissur KL08
Palakkad KL09
Malpuram  KL10
Kozhikode  KL11
Wayanad KL12
Kannur  KL13
Kasargod  KL14
Other states  KL15


Note: Video should not have any music. Do introduce yourself in the video




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